iGOP - Global Operation Platform

iPLON India have settled up first of its kind 24x7x365 iGOP Center (iPLON Global Operation Platform) in Mylapore chennai with successfully achieved ISO 7001 ISMA (Information Security Management Systems) Certification; with vision to lay path for sustainability i2WWW (iPLON India to world-wide wege/ ways). iPLON India with complete operations and R&D base as "Made in Mylapore" with a decade of Presence; now taking this to next level " Getting Global from Mylapore" with combination of iPLON due-diligence Servies for all Renewable Assets.

Our platform is committed to optimizing and streamlining the operation of solar power facilities around the world, at the Centre of the renewable energy revolution. We are aware that using solar energy is a wise decision as well as being environmentally friendly. To meet the specific requirements of owners and investors in solar power plants, we have created a cutting-edge platform.

Our Goal: To equip solar power plant operators with the knowledge and skills necessary to increase the productivity, dependability, and profitability of their solar systems. You will have all you need with our platform to utilize solar energy to its fullest capacity.

What Makes Us Unique

Global Reach: We work with solar power plants all over the world, wherever the sun shines. We have you covered whether your solar farm is tucked away in the rural countryside or right in the middle of a busy city.

Real-time Monitoring: Your solar power plants can be monitored in real-time using our platform. You'll have immediate access to crucial data that enables proactive maintenance and problem solving, from energy production to equipment health.

Data analytics: We turn data into useful insights rather than merely collecting it. You may optimise energy output and cut operational expenses with the aid of our cutting-edge analytics.

Compliance and security: We put a high focus on protecting your data. To guarantee the security of your sensitive information, we uphold the highest industry standards. We also assist you in continuing to adhere to applicable laws.

Our Services

Monitoring of Service: Keep a tight eye on the operation of your solar power system, paying particular attention to energy output, system effectiveness, and weather-related effects.

Real-time defect detection and diagnosis will reduce downtime and increase energy output.

Custom Reporting: Design reports specifically for your purposes, whether for internal usage or to satisfy regulatory requirements.

24/7 Support: If you have any problems or inquiries, our devoted support staff is here to help you at any time.

As We Shape the Future Together

Solar power is the way of the energy future, and we invite you to take part in this thrilling adventure. Our platform can help you be successful regardless of whether you are an experienced operator of solar power plants or are just getting started in the renewable energy business.

24*7*365 Services
Service that is available at any time and usually every day
MaaS- Monitoring as a Service
Focussed on RE Domain (Not Limited to PV Alone), Grid
Stability & Smart Energy Infrastructure.
AMC, Due-Diligence & Asset Management Services
Remote & On-Site AMC Services for Preventive & Breakdown
Maintenance for C&I and Utility Segment.
Enhance the Security of MaaS platform in the face of
rising Global Cyber threats.
iPLON is equipped with advanced workstations with
Industrial Standard Encryptions cyber compliances.
Meeting ISO Standard requirements - Physical,
Endpoint, Infrastructure and Information Security